Monday, May 25, 2009

Anna's Complication

Well, the Lump issues are not done with yet...

The incision has healed very well, looks good, stitches came out nicely on their own. But... (I was kinda expecting a but, weren't you?) the area the lump was removed from is filling will fluid. The week after the surgery was fine but 6 days after I noticed the area looked swollen. 8 days after, Mike was giving Anna her first bath since the surgery and took off all the bandages and sterie strips and was shocked that the area was bigger than the original Lump. The next morning, Wednesday, Mike took her to the GF hospital. Dr said it was Post Surgery Trauma and that sometimes the body re-absorbs the fluid other times it needs to be drained, they opted to drain it. 3 fat syringes of clear fluid later and everything looked good again. Anna didn't fuss nor cry!

It's almost been a week and the area is once again filling up. Dr said it may continue. We are getting worried, how long will this continue, how many times will Anna get stuck with needles, why is this happening, how can we stop it, will it get worse, will it get better. No one gives us any answers, they say wait and see.....It's been two weeks since surgery.

So to say the least, we are stressed and worried.

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allier said...

Prayers for you...I have decided doctors just aren't what they are cracked up to be! Prayers!