Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Done!

I am so sick and tired of reaching out, being nice and making peace and then to get a wall put up or to be yelled at and my hand slapped. It's ridiculous.

This is my notice to some family members, this is the end!

James I love you, But I also Love our Father Chuck and our Brother Rob. You and I have barely talked in the last 3-10 years. When we are together we have a great time, I always have good memories of you. You know I have never liked your girlfriends and you current one is a Bitch. Lisa said she doesn't like to be fake to others but, you know what, I've been fake to her and you about her. I do not like her, I do not like how she runs her house and I do not like how she is raising your daughter. I do have a few issues with you, James, that go beyond your choice in women. You look for negativity, you remember all the bad things. Can you recall any good things about our time spent at Chucks? Do you have anything nice to say about your brother Rob? Do you even like/acknowledge that you have 3 wonderful younger siblings that had tried for years to get to know you even when Chuck told them not to? Do you even remember good times with me? or our childhood? I wish you lots of love and luck in your life. I will regret not knowing your daughter.

Lisa, I do not like you and I never have. I have always been fake with you just to keep James in my life. I truly hope your daughter will not be totally screwed up. She is a very happy child but you are preventing her the necessary milestones.

Jennifer, I love you but I do not know you. There were a few years after you graduated from High school that we were friends and possible understood each other but before that time and after, we never got along. Mike has been in my life since you were 10 years old, weather you want to believe it or not, he thinks of you as a sister. It has always hurt me that you don't respect him and have never taken the time to know who he is. Recently you accused me of spreading lies about you, but you are just lieing to yourself. You may not want to admit those things but it doesn't matter, you know you said them and did them as do I. I thought you had turned over a new leaf when you met Murad, you calmed down and stopped the drinking and sleeping around. But he really didn't change you, just hid those details about you. You may be able to forget the past but it's still there and it's made you you. Giving presents to my daughters doesn't make you an aunt, time spent with them does.

Murad, I'm sorry I'll never get to know you. You seem like a decent guy and it's no wonder why my sister loves you, I wish the best for you.

I know this blog will cause a Grand canyon out of a small rift but I am past caring. I have been hurt for too long, the stress is not healthy. The saying "You can choose your friends but not your family" is too true but right now I am choosing to say good bye to those family members.

I'm sorry Mom.

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Brenda Jean said...

I'm sorry that it's all built up like this for you. I know how you feel. Family can be SO frustrating, and sometimes we can't avoid confrontations no matter how hard we try:(