Monday, October 19, 2009


I play a game on PoGo called Addiction Solitaire and I think one of the reasons why it's so addicting is because it doesn't give you much of a chance to stop the game. When you win or lose a game and click "OK" a new game starts up and you keep playing, it's very hard to click that little red x to get out of the game, way to much fun.

While playing this game earlier this week, I started thinking about addictions and obsessions. I once had the bad habit of chewing/biting my nails but I don't think it was an addiction, I'm not sure I've even been addicted to anything. When I had the surgeries on my fingers I was given pain killers that was supposed to be addictive but I made sure I did not get hooked. I wonder if anyone truly wants to have an addiction, be it drugs or alcohol or cigarettes or even sex.

I've been called a "goody goody two shoes" several times in my life when I declined cigs and pot/hash and other stuff. I knew what could happen to people who liked it too much and I never wanted it to be apart of my life. Alcohol is nice in moderation but I've never had enough where I blacked out and after a few hangovers, I now know my limitations. How come many others do not know their limitations, do they not remember all the anti smoking campaigns? Do they not watch the news stories of all the drug dealers and druggies living on the street, do they not learn a lesson from all of that? Or have relatives die from cancer caused by smoking or chewing tobacco, or have their livers so enlarged and dieing.

I've heard some say; it can't be helped, I had no choice, I didn't mean for it to happen. That is all pitiful excuses. The only ones who can use those excuse are babies born with drug addictions/FAS from their stupid mothers.

I don't understand these kind of addictions and if I ever develop a bad habit that progressed into an addiction, I would want someone to kick me in the butt and tell me " What the Hell are you doing"

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Brenda Jean said...

True addictions are hard to kick, but if the person wants the help and is really ready to change they can do it. What really gets me is when situations and/or addictions make the kids suffer. If someone wants to ruin their own life that is one thing, but to ruin a child's life, when they count on them to care for, love and protect them in inexcusable.