Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dinner at Parents

This past weekend we went to my Parents home for Thanksgiving (round 2) and to celebrate my Dad's 79th birthday as well as my nephew Cam's 1st birthday! Both are born on the same day!

A wonderful turkey feast with all the fixings, lovely people and conversations. The girls charmed everyone and were on the best behavior. Cam showed all how brave he is, taking a few steps and climbing on anything and everything. Step Sister Ruth told cute stories of her grand baby and of meeting her daughter she had given up to adoption 28 years ago, so happy they are able to meet and have a relationship. Mom has started working at Wal-mart and told about how strict the store policies are. The highlight of the evening was playing Apples to Apples, a game my brother Rob brought, It had everyone laughing. I love board and card games!

We also bought ourselves a new camera, as our old one's shutter wouldn't open half the time. Here are some shots from this weekend, some are poor quality, still figuring out some of the functions. Enjoy!

(from L-R) Anna, baby Cam, SS Ruth and Jamie-Cam's mom

My Dad, the birthday boy!
Beautiful Ivy
Cam enjoying his birthday cake

Everyone enjoying their cake and taking pictures of the birthday boys.

I have more photo's I'd like to share but blogger and/or my connection is acting up. I'll do some photo posts when we come back from our week of travels. We are leaving tomorrow for the Cariboo, a mini vacation and then on Tuesday we go to the coast for Anna's 6 month check ups.

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