Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 09

Happy New Years everyone, welcome to a new decade!

Finally the Holidays are over and things can get back to normal once again! December is always a busy month with School activities, both the girls birthdays, Christmas and New years. It's crazy!

A few days before the big day, the City's Fire crew goes door to door spreading holiday cheer by giving everyone candy canes. The girls were excited to see the fire truck. Christmas morning, the girls have already opened their stockings and ate some candy, now they are enjoying some cream of wheat before they really get down to business of opening gifts!
Anna opens a gift from Ivy, a monkey with adjustable arms and legs.
Ivy showing off a shirt from Uncle Rob and Aunt Jamie
Anna with her new Tinkerbell outfit from Mom&Dad
A new Tag book from Aunt Jen.
Winnie the Pooh characters from Uncle Rob and Aunt Jamie
Mike (grumpy that I'm taking his pic) showing off the bottle of Hungarian wine from Uncle F
Toys and colouring from...?? I can't remember
Anna loving the stuffie from Gr. Cindy & Popa Harry
Mike (being silly) with a Wii game from Rob and Jamie
The girls loved their new Christmas Dresses from Gr. K (I picked them out )
Anna with a big book and stamps from Uncle F
Ivy won a draw at school, a present from the teachers to a lucky girl and boy. She got a box full of books, markers, crayons, pencils, little games, cup and kinder egg.
Mike busy putting batteries in some toys/games
A few family members gave us $$$ for us to buy ourselves gifts, we decided to put it all together and buy a Wii system!! Mike is hooking it all up here.
A little while later Mike is Boxing! The whole family loves to bowl, my fav is tennis.
We all got dressed up and went to Mike's Grandma's for Christmas lunch, the girls got to open more presents! Mike's mom K want some family pictures, she took this one with our camera... I'm not happy with it but it's the only shot with all of us! Here's a shot with all the women (L-R) Ivy, K, Gr.P, Anna and me. (I'm the tallest at 5'3"!)
Anna soon got tired and grumpy....
But Grandma soon made her happy!

We then went home and vegged all day, played some Wii and ate leftovers! Pretty much a relaxing day, not too stressful.

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german in pdx said...

Great pictures! - Mia Rose loves Tinkerbell as well...
I don't seem to have your e-mail as I wanted to explain how I feel about the conference and did not want to post it public :)

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