Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mid Jan update

Went to the doctor last Friday, got the Merina IUD put in. Hurt a bunch afterward, I don't think the Gyno doc is very gentle, I wish I had a woman Gyno! Anyhoo, I was crampy for a few days but yesterday I felt great, did a whole bunch of housework and was fairly calm towards the girls. I'm liking this progesterone, I hope this feeling/mood lasts!

Also got in a small visit with my parents on Friday evening. They spoiled the girls with new backpacks and clothes and stuff. Wish we were closer so the girls could spend more time with them, Kinda sad about that. Anna spent that night and Saturday at Mike's Parents. It was S's B-day on Sunday so the family gathered for lunch, K 's meal was lacking but she made sure it was dairy free. Ben brought his newest girlfriend over as well, means he is getting serious with her. They took the girls out horseback riding after lunch. Anna loved it, Ivy was too cold and kept slipping on the icy snow when waiting for her turn.

Today has started out fairly bad.... Well it actually started out on Sunday, Ivy had a fever and a soar throat but was fine Monday morning. Then after school she complained of her jaw hurting, then before bed her ear hurt....she didn't seem in too much pain and had a slight fever so I gave her Tylenol and sent her to bed but she was up a few times crying. Then this morning (Tuesday) she's crying about her ear but didn't have a fever, she really wanted to go to school.... I was going to send her off but thought otherwise and took to the hospital 30 mins away. Turns out she has tonsillitis and her ear is filled with puss meaning she had an infection that most likely burst through the ear drum. Thanks goodness for Motherly instincts, She is on amoxicillian for a week and misses school today. I have to take her to our regular Doctor in a few weeks to make sure her ear has healed up

You wouldn't know she was ill, she's bouncing around all hyper and causing problems with her sister, a big headache for me!

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