Saturday, May 3, 2008

Post#42 ~ Week in Review

I haven't had much time to write lately, we have been busy outside this past month (when it hasn't been snowing) The yard has never looked better in the 9 years we have owned it. Mike cut down some of the over grown choke Cherry trees on the south property line and hacked back the apple trees there as well. The grass is nice and thick and as long as we keep it watered it should stay that way all year. Mike is helping me with the flower beds and garden so they don't look so overrun by grass. Over all it's shaping up fairly fast without too mush fuss!

Hee hee hee, the girls were hamming it up for the camera!! They really know how to make me laugh some days!

Took the girls to the doctors for their follow up appointments on Monday. Ivy's leg hasn't been bugging her at all lately, but she has eczema on her hands so we have to use lots of hand cream on her and use perfume/alcohol free products. She might also have it on her scalp too as she always complains of it itching, which is no surprise since mine is the same, and I have to use medicated shampoo.

Dr.W thinks Anna's lipoma has grown, so she has written a letter to the traveling surgeon in Trail to come out and have a look at it. On Thursday I got a call from Dr.O's office to set up an appointment but I wasn't home and when I called back the office was closed til Monday. Mike and I are anxious and nervous, not sure if we want Anna to have surgery to have it removed. The Lump doesn't seem to bother Anna, you can poke and prod it and she doesn't complain. So we shall see....

Also found out lately that my Uncle Troy and his young family has bought a house in town here....not too excited about that. I like Troy but his wife and kids are quite the handful to say the least. I'm not looking forward to Martha coming to playgroup. She likes to compare her kids everyone else's and it gets really annoying fast. But it will be nice to have some family close by, at least my girls will get to know their cousins specially when they are all the same age: Daniel is 1 1/2 months younger the Ivy, Sylvia is 2 weeks older than Anna, and the baby (name??) is about 6 months.

My Sister Jenn came for a visit today, it was nice to see her again. She's been living a busy life. Her boyfriend Murad went back to Jordon for the summer and she is really missing him. Jenn plans on visiting him in August for a month, even though Murad says it will be quite the culture shock. They say they are planning a future together which makes me excited but nervous too, I just want the best for my little sis. Now don't get me wrong, I really like Murad and I think I'd feel this way no matter who Jenn was seeing....and that goes for my other sisters too, the boys I'm not too worried about but the girls I do....maybe it's just a sister thing.

Not sure if there is much else to write about at the moment... mmmm I smell fresh cut grass, smells like SPRING!!!

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endrene said...

Hi Les! It was such a pleasure seeing that you left a comment on my blog-- I was sorry that I quit facebook without getting your email address, as it's been a LONG time since we've caught up! I love your blog, and seeing pictures of your beautiful girls. Happy Spring to you and your family!