Monday, November 24, 2008

#82 ~ Nits!


Doing the girls hair this morning, I did my usually quick inspection for nits/lice. I did not find anything on Ivy and Anna so I leaned back and relaxed and just gave my own hair a quick and lazy swipe with the nit comb what I found shocked the hell out of me! Several nits! WTF! How the heck did I get them?!? I frantically started combing my hair and sure enough more nits were loosened from my hair. I saved some in a plastic baggie to share with A (play group instructor) as a teaching aid for other parents. I then doused my head with the lice shampoo and waited the 10-15 mins then rinsed. Afterwards I found no more nits, and tonight I found no more nits.....If it wasn't for the proof in the baggie I would start to suspect I was hallucinating earlier!

Once again I have washed and dried ALL our bedding and clothes and I also bought a bottle of R&C lice spray for the furniture and mattresses. I cut and doused Mikes head, just to be sure and later this week the girls will get another dose, just to be sure, and I'll get my head checked by a friend and do another dose this weekend, Just to be SURE! This will be the end to these horrible blood sucking F***KERS!!!


STELLA said...

sorry I haven't been keeping up, am caught up now and hope to stay that way... have had a lot on my mind for sometime now...

Daniela Theresa said...

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