Wednesday, November 26, 2008

#83 ~ Not Nits?

Now I am totally confused, the nits that I thought I had are not really nits.....the friend(who does all the lice checks at the schools) said that the nits I saved as a sample don't look like anything she's seen before. They are too small and the wrong colour but they are attached to the hair shaft like a nit and are the same shape. She actually never found any on my head, she was just going by my sample, there was no sign of anything on my head besides dandruff.

She thinks my so called nits could be dead ones that didn't mature but if that is true then where is the louse that laid them???

Thankfully the girls have no more signs of nits or lice! And hopefully it will stay that way. I have volunteered to help with the lice checks at Ivy's school on Thursday. I'm also on my way there today to run the snack cart, so Anna & I will have lunch at GR.P's

Went the the PAC meeting Monday night, learned some, volunteered a bunch. I feel like I have a say! Yea! They better watch out thou cuz in 2 years, when Anna is in school) there will be changes!

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STELLA said...

When Holly was around 7 there was an outbreak at school... she had a few dead ones in her hair but that was all that time... thank goodness...