Monday, November 3, 2008

post 78 ~ No more Nits!!

Yae!! We got the all clear from Julie the health nurse today!! She couldn't find any nits nor lice!!

I drove Ivy to school today so I could talk with Mrs S. and make sure Ivy was allowed back. She said the other little girl came to school this morning but was still covered in alot of lice and she was sent home. So as a precaution Mrs.S. sent us to Julie to have her search but she didn't see anything! I did a happy dance in my head! Ivy was so happy to go back, she ran all the back to school. We'll still comb and check everyday and do another treatment shampoo within the week.

Oh I'm so happy! I hope we won't have to deal with this again!

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STELLA said...

I am happy for you too... doing the happy dance for you... and so glad that she gets to be back in her classroom...