Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post 79 ~ Little Sneak

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Anna has been having difficulties sleeping. She doesn't like to fall asleep or stay asleep, she says it's monsters and nightmares. We (mike and I) thought it was her bed, so we removed her crib, and that didn't work. Then we switched the girls so Anna had the big bed and that worked for a little while. Now I have to lie in bed with her till she falls asleep and then sneak out, but I usually get visits from her during the night and have to lay down with her some more. Most nights she ends up sleeping on the sofa, I have no idea why she prefers the sofa to her bed.

So Last night was like most nights lately, I didn't lie down with her so soon after going to bed she wonders out to the living room complaining of not being able to sleep. I allowed her to sit on the sofa quietly for 20 mins then I took her back to bed and lied down till she was almost asleep then I ducked out and went back to the living room, this was 8pm. After watching some TV and playing games on at 11pm Mike and I went to bed...but when we entered our room, I noticed something off about the bed... it was lumpy... it was Anna. I looked at Mike and asked when did he put Anna in there (we have come to the agreement not to let the girls sleep in our bed anymore since the Lice episode) he looked at me and said he thought I did it... How the heck did she get in our bed without us knowing?? It was cute and we laughed, she is such a little sneak!

So once again I carried her to bed and lied with her till she was sound asleep, this is turning into a Bad Habit!

I ordered a nice Wooden bunk bed from Sears and it should be here after the 19th, I hope the girls will like it and actually stay the whole night in their beds then. If not then it will have been a huge waste of money.

I getting sick. I'm all phlegmy, hot then cold, and now I'm getting a headache..... ug, I hate colds.


STELLA said...

Hope you getting to feeling better real soon... take it easy...

Brenda Jean said...

Well, first-- I can SO relate. I don't have an perfect advice because I'm not sure what works best. Do they have a night light? I think the bunk beds are a great idea. Anything to make their room seem cooler and more fun than being in bed with mom and dad:)

I hope you feel better!