Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post 80 ~ Pictures

Lots has been happening this week but I've fairly sick and haven't had the energy to blog anything. So here is what's been going on with my family these past 2 weeks, Enjoy!

Introducing James's baby Bella, 3 months. Mom took these pics while visiting last weekend. Bella is so cute and she always looks surprised ;-)

Here is the proud Papa James and his daughter Bella!

Introducing Robert's son Cameron, 3 weeks and the same weight as his cousin Bella! He's a BIG boy, but he is healthy and that's what counts!

Popa Harry (my Dad) is so happy to have so many grand babies, and Cameron seems quite content in his arms!

My Goofy girl Ivy, she loves dressing up in blankets and pretending she is a fairy or princess or just about anything. I think this time she was a movie star.

Oscar went to the Vet, on Thursday, to get neutered and because he is from the SPCA he also had to get numbers tattooed in his ear. Notice the lovely green/blue in his ear, the ink will wear off leaving behind his Tat.

I love this shot of Anna, she's playing "movie star" and blew me a kiss!

Then she asked me if I got the kiss! LOL

The other morning, Mike discovered Oscar sleeping in the Bathroom sink, LOL Crazy Cat!

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STELLA said...

I love all the photos... and the Kitty in the sink is just so cool...