Friday, January 9, 2009

87 ~ Stressing

My blood pressure is through the roof at the moment, I can't seem to calm down. I've been trying so hard to get through life without anti-depressants and lately I just can't seem to cope.

I got a call from a dietitian at Children's this afternoon, Anna blood work from end of November finally came back and it is at .83, the highest it's been since first diagnoses. The last test results (from end of September) was .56 and the treatment range is supposed to be less than .445. I have NO IDEA why they call this number the treatment range, does it mean they will no longer treat my child since her level is above it??? No that is is silly but I am going to demand an answer next time I'm at children's.

So this new Dietitian was amazed that it took so long for the labs to come back, umm 1&1/2 months is normal....She said she is going to look into it and hopefully we can get better service. So she already has some points going for her in my book!

Why is Anna levels so high?? What did she get into?? What did her babysitters give her?? What food item is tainted with dairy?? What have I been doing wrong?? Why do her levels keep increasing when her diet doesn't seem to change??

I guess I will have to crack the whip (again) and make everything that touches her lips from scratch and not aloud any outside food!! This is going to be hard as I've been so busy lately and She is babysat at least twice a week for few hours at a time.

I can hear my heart beating in my head, it's not a headache, just a pounding that interrupts my hearing. And every time the girls come near me I want to bark at them to get away from me. I NEED to calm down. Thankfully Mike came home early, I'm going to leave the parenting up to him for the rest of today.

I will be ok, I will be ok, I am normal, I am strong......


allier said...
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allier said...

Sorry I deleted my first comment because I made a ton of typos :(
Gosh, I feel you! Parker ended up with hives all over a couple days ago and we have no idea what he got into. He has this difficulty with proteins as well as rice, milk, etc. It is so difficult to monitor everything that goes in their mouth. You are a good mom-life is so hard sometimes. My 3 year old was hospitalized for 3 days back in November with his asthma despite my vigilance with medication, breathing treatments, etc. I hope you can find answers-I know with my child we avoid things that say manufactured on equipment that processes dairy, etc. Hard to do at restaurants, babysitters, etc. Companies don't even give you the true facts. You are in my thoughts!

allier said...

Just wanted to add, there is a website with special food that I buy for my child. It is
I don't believe they have a line of food specifically for galactosemia but they have lots of dairy free food :)

Anonymous said...

I am here for you always... Hugs again to you... I know nothing about this, but I have a good ear...