Saturday, January 10, 2009

88 ~ Calming down

I feel better today, I didn't mean to worry anyone with my post yesterday. Thanks for reading and caring :)

Thanks Allier for sending this link they do have a Galactosemia part but I'm the first to post, hopefully not for long! I'll post that link in the PGC forum too.

A friend, Rachel, invited us out to their place for tobogganing today, Ivy was very excited to go. Anna and myself, not so much. Anna hates the snow and I'm too tired to be social, so I sent Mike and Ivy out. It's been over 2 hours and they are not back yet, they must be having fun! Ivy usually doesn't last too long outside.

It's nice to have a quiet house today, it's been calming. Anna is playing nicely by herself, she really likes the story reader that my Aunt Linda gave the girls for X-mas. She has mastered removing the books and cartridges and popping in new ones. I still can't believe she is 3 already.

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