Friday, January 30, 2009

91~ Feelin better

Yup, we are better, not 100% yet but almost!

I've been quite busy lately and when I get time to sit down with my laptop all I want to do is read my forums, blogs and play at POGO, Sorry for not updating my Blog more frequently. I'm sure there are millions of people out there just dieing to hear about my provincial life ;D

So, I am a Peer Mentor.....Yes I am! It's true! There are people out there that think I make a good role model.... I take it as a compliment but I am also weary. I'm not sure if I want young Moms and pregnant women to "look up to me" Sure my life as a Mom has had it's up and downs in these past 5 years but I'm not sure it qualifies me as a MENTOR! But I'll try on this cap for awhile and see how I do, hopefully not too stressful.

Monday will be a busy for me, I was asked to go to GWD school and cook and serve a Hot lunch with Donna (from the bank) and then at 2pm that day I have my peer Mentor stuff, we will be make ginger soup and sushi rolls for the No body's Perfect course on Tuesday. I don't mind the course, Mike went with us girls last Tuesday but he wasn't very ....... umm ... into it. On the ride home, he was kinda complaining about it and acting like the whole thing was attacking him.... It wasn't, just his perception of it though. Hopefully he'll get over himself and come again this Tuesday.

Not sure what we'll be doing this weekend, Mike mentioned going to Osoyoos on Saturday. I got to find a sitter for Monday morn for Ivy.... maybe the neighbours....

Till next time people!


Brenda Jean said...

Well, you are busy! Make sure you take time to rest:) I think you would make a great mentor.

Anonymous said...

I think you a good mom from what I read... I am sending hugs have a good week, and slow down just a little...

Nothing but love Lina