Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Post 90 ~ Sick, icky sick!

Yup, I'm sick. And the girls are sick.

We are all tired, feverish, grumpy, coughing, snivelling, whining, and just plain YUCK!

Ivy was well enough to go to school yesterday, she said 6 kids were home sick (now we now where the cold/flu came from) But today she has another fever so she said home. She hasn't moved off the sofa all day. Anna refuses to take any meds so she was hurting pretty bad with the fever, finally it seems to have broke this morning.

Mike has been such a great guy, he's been looking after all of us, last night he brought home pizza and another one for tonight so I don't have to cook except something for Anna. He even has been sleeping on the sofa so that Anna can sleep with me (she so sick that she cries and gets up lots when we make sleep in her own bed) Hopefully Mike won't get this thing, I know for sure that I won't be able to stand him being sick, he'd be worse then all three of us!!

At least we have a good excuse to get out of the course we (as a family) are supposed to attending tonight, I'm still not sure how I got talked into it but hopefully I can talk our way out of it!


Brenda Jean said...

Awwww...I hope you all start feeling better soon. We went through this right after Christmas and it was terrible. Husband are so great when they aren't sick, but boy, if they get sick they are big babies:) Take care of yourself. {{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

LOL, I don't mean to laugh LL but you sounded just like a commercial ... I do hope by the time you read this that all is well in your household ...