Thursday, January 1, 2009

Post # 86 ~ A New Year

A Happy New Year to all!

How and when did this year sneak in? I can't believe the holidays are now officially over and all we have left is 3 months of hoo.

I think I'll get out the bird feeder this coming week and feed my little friends. I haven't done it yet because I was waiting for the snow to stop of at least slow down so the birds could actually get to the food before it got covered in snow. I quite tired of the snow, I don't mind it being on the ground I just hate how everyday new stuff is falling, GIVE IT A BREAK!! Please just 1 week of no new snow would be wonderful!

I survived the holidays, It was nice to get away and visit family, a week of vegging out at my Dad Chuck's, 2 brief visits with my Nana in Kamloops, even got to see my Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda ( think it's been 1 1/2 years) also spent a night at my Mom's new place, I hope they stay there for awhile, very nice. I can see us visiting there over night while shopping in Kelowna, might bring me closer to my parents. The house looks like a toy store Blew up, it's actually quite sickening the amount of toys the girls got for their B-days and X-mas. I'll be going threw there older stuff and either setting it aside of giving it away.

There is lot more to blog about but it will have to wait, I'm off to bed to read the Twilight series (hmmm :) very good books!!)

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