Tuesday, January 13, 2009

89~ 20 Random Things

Endrene was tagged and I read her post so now I'm tagged :D

20 Random Things about me!

1. I love my feet!

2. I hate other people's feet.

3. I like playing Boardgames, specially Monopoly

4. Lavender scent makes me gag, actually lots of flower scents make me gag...

5. I like doing laundry but I hate putting it away, and Mike is no help with any of it.

6. I have tons of mail order make-up and I don't wear make-up...I don't know how to wear most of it.

7. Burgundy is my favorite colour but I tell everyone that purple is... no idea why.

8. I think I'm the only person who doesn't watch "Dancing with the stars", Gag me with a Spoon!

9. In High school, I told my girlfriends that I was going to marry a hairy guy, within 6 months I met Mike(a very hairy Guy) and we've been together for 12 years this month (married 7 this May)

10. I've smoked pot twice and hated both times. Cigarettes never.

11. I think I love every Veggie!

12. The Last Unicorn always makes me cry

13. I don't believe Friday 13th, black cats, nor walking under ladders are unlucky

14. I feel like a Teen still but am thankful I am not.

15. I like driving but don't have the confidence to drive in Large cities (I'm working on it)

16. I love the Twilight series, I've read the first 2 & 1/2 books in less then 3 weeks

17. I don't have a passport.

18. I don't like cleaning/dusting, I don't think it's necessary.

19. I like watching the clouds and the ground (bugs crawling through the grass, twisting of the grass)

20. This was harder than I thought....randomness isn't easy when you try.

If you read this, consider yourself 'tagged'.


endrene said...

Thanks for considering yourself tagged! I like your comments... they were randomer than mine. I noticed that I mentioned my feet three separate times... you only mentioned feet twice. And I'm not crazy about Dancing with the Stars either. Good LORD, I've got much better things to do with an hour of my life!

STELLA said...

I think I need to do this, right now I am writing a bucket list... LOL... Sending many hugs to you and the girls...