Saturday, May 31, 2008

Post #49 ~ Trouble with Anna

I feel like a horrible Mom right now. I sent Anna to my in-laws for the weekend as I just can't handle her right now and I need a break from her. That sounds so terrible, I know I shouldn't be beating myself up for this but I can't stand not being able to cope with my own child.

All week Anna and I have been butting heads. Ever time I tell her something or try to discipline her: she talks back, yells NO, keeps doing what she is not supposed to, starts throwing things or hits her big sis. Shes only 2 for gosh sakes!! I know it's most likely just a stage she is going though but I can't help but think it has to with Galactosemia, it's like she doesn't learn or understand when she is being naughty.

It's nice and quite around here but I'm in pain (not just emotionally either) I have a fat lip from being head butted by Anna, the cat bite I got at the SPCA seems to be infected (not too bad, red and pussy on two holes) and my back still hurts, most likely from our mattress. I just want to go back to bed. Hopefully I'll feel better by the time Anna comes home and we can get back on track. Is it wrong of me to hope she gives some attitude to her grandparents so I know it's just not me she fights with...???


allier said...

You had replied to one of my posts about my children's allergies. I just wanted to let you know I feel like this too sometimes. My oldest is 3 and has real bad asthma. He gets to coughing and wheezing so bad when I discipline him and I often back down. We all need a break sometimes. It gets too much sometimes- I feel like that a lot.

Anonymous said...

The Terrible Twos , what a dreadful time... And don't feel bad for sending her to stay with grandma for a day or two... EVERY mother needs time out from time to time... It takes a GOOD mother to know that she needs a break...