Sunday, May 18, 2008

Post #45 ~ Long Weekend

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! Whew, what a heat wave. I was totally not prepared for +30C weather. The girls are loving it though, we set up their tent in the backyard and Mike made a mock campfire, I gave them some marshmallows on a stick, they are having a blast. Mike promised to take them camping this summer so they can do it for real. On a sad note, I found Lopsy the rabbit dead in her box/bed this morning. She was about 7 or 8 years old, looks like she died in her sleep. I think the heat got to her, she didn't do well in the summers either but she will live on though her many children out there. Bye Lopsy.
I'm been feeling a bit off lately, I'm not into the sewing right now and I don't want to do anything but play games and chat on the computer (And I'm kinda board with that too) Not sure if it's the heat or stress about money or I keep forgetting if I took a pill in the mornings and I don't want to double up on them....Ug I'm a mess.

Anna has a meeting with a surgeon in GF about her lump on June 13 (Friday the 13th, eek!) The Lipoma seems to be growing, so DR.W wants the surgeon to look at it and see if it needs removing. Mike and I don't want her to go under the knife and would rather wait to see if it will stop growing on it's own. Lipoma is not life threatening, it's just a fatty mass. But then again if it was to be removed while she is young the healing time will be short and less likely to scar....We shall see what the surgeon says.

Mike has made another batch of home brew, this one is called Indian Pale Ale (IPA). We bottled is yesterday evening, 57 bottles at $0.20 each plus labour, not bad eh! Once I can find enough wine bottles (30-ish) then we can start on my blackberry Merlot. Yaa!

That's it for now, gotta bring in the laundry from the line and start on dinner, BBQ Ribs! Yum!

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