Friday, May 9, 2008

Post #43 ~ Day Off

Yesterday seems so far away......

Let it be on record that on Thursday May 8, 2008, I had the day off. Well most of the day anyway. Mike and his Mom K took both girls to GF yesterday for Ivy's final gymnastics class and then they all went to the pool and had lunch at A&W and then went shopping. I had from 10:30am till 4pm all to myself, 5 1/2 hours of husband and kid free time to do what I wanted to do without interruption!! It did seem odd at the beginning, so quiet and calm but I got used to it in a hurry! And let me tell you, it went fast! I made a loaf of bread (bread Machine), made an angel food cake, cleaned the kitchen, picked up toys in the living room, played on the computer, checked out some blogs and forums, AND did some sewing on the quilt! I need more days off, this house would be sparkling clean then.

Today.....calm and quiet is just a fond memory. The girls are having screaming wars (who can scream longest and loudest) and fighting over toys. Mike is complaining that my laundry loads aren't level and the machine is vibrating too much and that was all before lunch. Hopefully they will all lay off me this afternoon.

I have started to plant in my garden, Mike helped me plant seed potatoes earlier in the week and today Ivy helped me plant the peas while Anna played in the dirt. Now that lunch is over, I'm going to plant some radishes and carrots and map out where the rest of veggies will go.

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