Monday, May 26, 2008

Post 47 ~ Vaca on hold

Wouldn't ya know it, Just when we finally have things set up so we can leave for a week, Mike gets a call from the Boss. He is working today and possible for the rest of the week and we don't know what the near future will hold either. We were all set to travel to visit my Dad and his family later this week and come back mid next week, good thing I hadn't called Him to tell him that we were coming cuz I hate cancelling things. Hopefully I will know more tonight when Mike comes home as to how much work he has.

Mike is almost finished the south wall, one more layer of blocks and then the house can be set down on it. This was supposed to happen today but.....oh well, one layer shouldn't take very long to do.

Mike and I also got the yellow spiral slide (neighbour Ed gave us last year) up and mounted for the girls yesterday. Just as we finished it started to pour so the girls didn't get to try it out last night, they were too chicken of the rain. First thing this morning, after breakfast, they raced out there and have been playing on it since, only taking short breaks for lunch and freezies.

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