Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post 46~ basement pic

Thursday.....yup it's Thursday.....a blah day today I think....

I sewed some more the other night, top pattern of Ivy's quilt mostly done, just have to figure out the borders and how to make it a bit longer to fit her twin bed. Might make a pattern for the pillow area, it will look good when the bed is made up but will look funny if I enter it into the fall fair, not sure what I'm going to do.

Mom told me the other night that my brother Rob and girlfriend are expecting this fall. I have mixed feelings: Happy there will be another baby, Worried that they aren't ready for the responsibility, Scared that Rob won't be able to handle it emotionally. I have yet to call and Congratulate them. I also should call my other brother Jamie and check the status of his girlfriends pregnancy. Doesn't anybody get married anymore?? Mike's Mom said I should sew baby quilts for both of the boy's babies, it's a good idea but not sure if I have enough of the proper material....I'll have to go though my stash.

Mike and his uncle F have been working hard on the basement for weeks now, the south wall is almost complete then they will work on the water lines and sewer pipe. The old cast iron sewer pipe coming off the toilet is leaking, YUCK! I hope we have enough funds to replace everything.

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