Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog entry #3

Tuesday afternoon, the day is almost over, I'm so glad. I had surgery on my hand again yesterday, doesn't hurt too bad, will see if the night is better or worse then after my first surgery.

Doc was over an hour late for my appointment at the hospital, didn't put me, or hubby, in a very good mood, luckily for him we don't complain. Doc removed scab off pinkie and it was a gaping hole underneath, could see tendon and stitches holding it together...didn't look like it should have been my finger... Then came the freezing, OUCHY, I cried and shaked and Doc put a blanket on me, those needles are the worst. I hate feeling the pressure caused by the fluids entering my flesh I cried more and almost bolted, I'm such a baby! After I was frozen he swabbed with alcohol and began cutting a strip of flesh and skin on the side of pinky, leaving the bottom attached (to supply blood) doc then wrapped it over the gaping hole and tendon. Then Doc cut the skin from the inner wrist and layed that over the tip of the gaping hole and where he cut from the side of finger, then stitched everything together, more OUCHY, I hate the tugging on my hand.

Hubby and I stopped in to see his Grandma S afterward, she had a very yummy dinner waiting for us, I didn't know I was so hungry. The drive back home was snow, wind, drifting snow banks and the pain to my hand caused by elevation difference-Not fun! But we made it ok.

Today the In-laws brought the girls home, oh how I missed them! K took Ivy with her to do errands and S took Anna and me to GF for my prescriptions, Anna's blood work and for groceries. On our way home a car was flipped over in the ditch, 1 car had stopped and S wasn't going to but as we passed the overturned car a woman stumbled away from it so we went to help. Her husband was stuck in the car so S came to the rescue and undid his seat belt and shoveled out snow and pulled the guy out, many other cars stopped to help but S did most of the work. I gave the lady my fuzzy blanket from the car so she could stay warm, she was in shock. when a cop arrived and we heard the ambulance on its way, we left, there was no more to be done....But I left my blanket, I didn't want it back anyway with someone elses blood on it.

Back at home, Anna was miserable, wouldn't eat lunch, wouldn't go down for her nap. I think she was stressed from getting her blood work, finally at 4 pm she slept beside me in my bed for 45 mins. She probably won't want to go to sleep tonight but at least she is happy now.

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