Thursday, January 31, 2008

Post #10

What a busy week so far! Monday=Anna's evaluation, Tuesday=Physio and shopping, Wednesday=Changeways group and Docs, Today=Ivy's Speech asessment and play group, Tommorrow= Mothers Cooking Club, Saturday=??? hopefully nothing!

Ok, lets see where did I leave off....Monday was good, Anna's eval by Judy was good!

Tuesday physio went good as well, have to do a bunch of new exercises but they are fairly easy, I kind want to go beyond them tho. I'm anxious to get my hand working again.

Wednesday's Changeways group was alright....I was uncomfortable at first because BJ just joined the group and I know her outside of the group (not friends or anything but our kids go to the same playgroup) She is my age and has the same family issues but I liked it better when I didn't know anyone in the group and they didn't know me. I keep thinking that she's gonna call me out on something, like you never did that before or thats not I being parinod? Is it stupid to think I can be myself with complete stangers then people I know? After the coffee break I felt better but was not totally at ease....maybe better next week.
Went to Dr.W to get bandages changed on skin grafts, I did not expect to see what I saw....I almost became sick to my stomach! last week the grafts looked good and started to turn pink and healthy and was nice and smooth...this week....yuck! The flap graft is doing very well, no complaints about it and it is the most important as it covers the tendon. The graft that was taken from my wrist and placed where the flap came from and across the tip of finger does not look good, Dr.W says she is not worried but I beg to differ. It is all dark purple and squishy and puffy like a soft blister. Dr.W says if it was bad it would smell and be slightly cool (it's warm like the rest of finger) she says that underneith the skin is growing and that top bit will come off, she called Dr.DG (plastic surgeon) to confirm this and he said the same thing....but I'm still worried and still get queesy thinking about it, I just have to remember that the flap graft is the most important and it is healthy!!!

Today, Thursday, Ivy had an assesment by the speech therapist. Holly is still on maternity leave so her co-worker Gillian came. She seems happy with how Ivy pronounces words, is impressd by her vocab and length of sentences. I was concerned that Ivy doesn't say her 'L' or 'TH' but Gillian says it's very common for kids not to use them till age 6-7, and Ivy's tongue is able to make the sounds she is just not at the age to fully understand/copy someone else's tongue movements. We are supposed to work on Ivy's use or pronouns (Ivy says him & her instead of he and she) and numbers (she only recognize #1 and #3) to get her ready for school, yikes thats this fall! Ivy will probably see Gillian again in late Feb or early March.

Now it's almost time for playGroup....yah! I think I like going as much as the girls do....but probably for different reasons!

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