Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog Post #9

This picture brought me to tears. My Ivy drew it on her magna-doodle last Tuesday, she came running into the kids bedroom, where I was changing Anna, to show me it. She said it was me!! I was very honored to be her first person drawing! She went on to tell me what was the arms, head and legs, and then she told me about the fingers....then she started to cry. She said she was sorry about not drawing my splint on my hand cuz she didn't know how to draw it, this made me cry too! I sat down with her on her bed and hugged while I told her it was ok, I like the picture just the way it was and that I was sorry for having to wear the splint. I just wish the picture was on paper and not the magna-doodle so I could keep it forever!
Ivy just came over to me and saw her picture and me typing this and asked what I was doing, I told her I'm sharing her drawing of me to the whole world! She just smiled and said "OK, that's good."
Today my Father -in-law, S, drove me to physio in GF. Anna came with us and Ivy went to Irene's next door, they also ended up going to GF. I thought it amusing that Ivy spent 1/2 the day with 3 elderly Japanese ladies, they took her to just about every store and even tried to take her to lunch at a pub forgetting that she was too young, they ended up going to A&W instead. I wish I went with them, sounded much more fun then my time with S! LOL

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STELLA said...

I just love Ivy's drawing... I love looking at these type of things, brings back so many fond memories... I always look forward to drawings by the grandchildren to hang on my fridge... Had to smile about trying to go to the pub for lunch... In Washington State it's like where you are at, but here in Montana if the pub offers food, anyone can go, but if they are underage they must leave by 9 PM and they can't sit at the bar itself...