Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blog Post#6

Yikes my days are becoming busy again, feels like I'm running around doing nothing.
Being that it's so cold lately(-20*c at night) I've been worried about my rabbits outside. And last night I had a horrible dream about them, I dreamt that they all died from exposure but in a weird way.... they were all melted in their boxes so their bodies were all flat and square and their little heads sitting on top. I can't get that image out of my head. Usually I wait till 10am (when the sun comes over the mountains) to go outside to feed and water them but today I was up and out before 9am, they were all ok, and very excited to see me. I think I'll go out after dinner and give them an apple each.

Went to the Doc's yesterday to get the bandages off my finger and have the grafts inspected. The flap graft is doing very well, nice and pink and healthy. the skin graft that was lifted from my wrist and placed on finger is purple-ly like a bruise, with small pink spots. Doc says this is normal as the skin had no blood supply and as the blood capillaries/veins grow into the grafted skin it turns a healthy shade of pink, Yahoo!! The stitches on my wrist look good and I can flex my wrist a bit without any stitches pulling. The Doc gave me the go ahead to start up physio again but I can't do anything with the pinky finger for a few more weeks, Doc also said I could get out of this splint and move to the wristlet and I can start using my other fingers and thumb!! Another Yahoo!!! Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Both girls have been extremely cranky today (more then usually anyway!) started at breakfast when I served Anna her cereal before Ivy, Ivy totally blew up! then she complained her head hurt. she has a temp of 98* as did Anna, my temp was 96*. So I gave both some Tylenol, seemed better but they stayed grumpy all day. Today was the first day of the Changeways course, it's a 6 session course to understand Actions,Thoughts and Feelings (for Depression) I took it a few years ago but didn't accomplish much from it, but I think this time will be different. the other ladies and the instructor are more friendly and more on my wave length. While I'm at my course the girls will be staying with Gramma P. and Uncle F. then we all have lunch afterward. Today while getting ready to come home from Gr.P's Anna blew hissy fit's, she didn't want anyone to help her but me. Very frustrating! I think I've been leaving them to much lately, at least one day a week they are being babysat, hopefully things will start to settle down for us.
Oh ya, I almost forgot, we have to go to Vancouver, to the Children's Hospital, in late Feb for Anna, arrgg. And the scheduling is a nightmare, the booked us twice for ophmalogy, so now I have to call and cancel one...I hate making those call!

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