Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blog Post#5

Just a short entry today, it's almost dinner time and the girls will soon let me know this. We went to the In-laws today for lunch, a combo birthday thing for Hubby and his dad. K made chow mien, stir fry, Basamati rice, raw veggie platter and The B-day cake, she did good, I eat too much chow mien tho and didn't have room for too much cake which is ok.

I'll be going to the Doc's on Tuesday to get the bandages removed, hopefully the grafts took. Hubby is unwilling to take the time off work to drive me which I can understand but I don't like it, I know we need the money right now but I also need him to be with me, I need his support. Hubby has arranged for his uncle F to drive me. but that means the 2 1/4 hour drive will be 3+ hours. We also will be taking the van into be fixed and checked, *yawn* It's gonna be a long and boring day!

Anna is starting to fight with her sis, combo of getting hungry and not having a nap.... so I'm off to make dinner. Motherly duties.....How many years left?

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