Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Post #8

"Monday, Monday...." That Mamas & Papas song is dancing though my head this morn. "weekend is so far away...." hummmm

Judy F came this morning to evaluate Anna, she showed up 15 early which never happens, usually she's 15 mins late. Oh well we were ready for her either way! Anna did very well, she was happy and eager to please and I was relieved because if she wasn't so eager Judy would say she was lagging in something or other. Judy was very happy with what Anna could do and was surprised at how well Anna pronounced things, Yay!! We don't have to see Judy till early March! I still don't like the woman but she is more friendly, not so hostile and we only have to deal with her for this year. Anna will be free of her after she turns 3, so the countdown has begun! Ivy tried to be the center of attention but she wasn't too pushy about it. I had a talk with her at breakfast and explained what I expected from her (today is Anna's day, let Judy play with her. Thursday is your day when the speech therapist comes, and I'll say the same to Anna that day) So I think that sunk in and she was good but she still can't help herself!

I have finally had contact with my friend Marilyn, exchanged a few letters and e-mails. I miss not being able to visit her when ever and just chat or sew. I miss my quilt mentor. She was always good at motivating me, I don't seem to have that anymore...motivation. I'm actually surprised I'm still writing this blog, I usually give up on thing like this, maybe I found a good outlet for me. There's no cost involved and hardly any effort/time needed. I just need a tiny bit of motivation and thoughts and actions....which is abundant hahaha

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Happy Birthday to your hubby...