Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog post #2

The sun is shineing, the snow reflects the sun makeing seem even more brillent. It's nice to have the sun come out to visit, winter is too long. The girls are playing nicely and have been do so for about an hour now, no fighting! yaa!

Hubby, Anna and I went to the plastic surgeon yesterday, Doc is happy with the movement of both fingers, ring finger healing very nicely, but the pinky doesn't look well. Under the bottom edge of the scab, past all the crusty goop, is white....Doc is not sure if it is the tendon or the tendon sheaf. Either way it's not good. If it is just the sheaf then all it needs is a skin graft (skin will be taken from my left hand, inner wrist) if it is tendon and if it is damaged then the tendon will have to be replaced by one cut from my leg! Yuck!Ouch! If the tendon looks good and fine then a more exstentive skin graft will be done, the skin on the back of the ring finger will be cut and peeled and wrapped around the pinky while still attached to ring finger (so the ring finger can still supply blood for skin) the two fingers will then be attached for 10 days, immobilized, a small graft from my left hand wrist will be used to cover the back of the ring finger.

I'll be going to the hospital on Monday for the scab to be removed and then we will find out what needs to be done! I'm not happy about it, I'm disappointed that this is happening, I wish my finger/skin would just grow on it's own!!! haven't I gone though enough already!! The doc says skin grafts are easy and nothing to worry about but they scare the heck out of me, I'm not sure why. Probably because I can't stand pain, I don't want to be cut and I'm afraid!! Hopefully the scab will come off and that white thing will just be flaky new skin..... hopefully....

So the in-laws will be looking after the girls again, I hate the fact we have to rely on them so much lately. Sure they love having the girls and the girls love staying there but I know they are getting tired of it, the girls can be such a handful at times.

Oh dear, the happily playing together has ended, fighting has begun, I guess that is it for now.

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