Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Post #4

It's Thursday, took the girls to play group this afternoon, we haven't been for over a week. They really liked it, Ivy wanted to stay longer, I think we've been couped up at home too much lately, it was nice to get out for awhile.

I think it's my Father-in-law's B-day today....or is it tomorrow? either way I'll have to get hubby to call. I forgot to give him his B-day card on Tuesday, oh well it'll have to wait till next time we see him. Hubby b-day is next week, I have no idea what to do for him. Before I was hurt I was thinking of doing a surprise party but it's too late for his friends to book time off work. I want to do some sort of party but who to invite and what to cook??

My finger has been feeling good, only hurts a bit when pain meds wear off but my wrist still is agony! it was better yesterday but today it has a burny hurt to it....might just be the bandage covering it though.

The adventure will continue.....

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