Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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On the forum that I attend, another member started a thread about getting to know other members better, Most took it light hearted and gave the typical answers: I like to ___, My fav colour is ___, etc. etc. My response is as follows:

Who am I? I have asked myself this many a time.
I am 28 but have been told since I was young that I am older then my years, my mother says that we should have switched places because I suited the 60's and 70's lifestyle better then she was.
I think that I am an atheist but I really don't know the meaning of that. As a child I attended church with my family but my Step-Dad was scorned and told not to return because he had an affair with my mother and divorced his first wife, My mom and him have been happily married for 25 years now. I have attended different church services with friends but none has appealed to me. It all seemed fake. I have high regard for those who do believe and do feel some jealousy that so many people have faith. This is just me and I will not push it on anyone else, not even my children. If my girls decide to go to church I will support them all the way, in fact they do attend service every few months with their gr. grandmother.
On a lighter note, I love to cook, cross-stitch, watch TV, chat here and I used to quilt and hope to get back to it soon. I read mainly fantasy and some adventure, romance and horror. I hate to clean and dust, my house is a mess but comfortable. My head is filled with nonsense and useless facts, I can tell you why the sky is blue but I couldn't tell you what I had for lunch 2 days ago.
What do I want out of life? everything and nothing. I want to be happy, I want my Kids to happy, I want my Husband to be happy, I want the whole world to happy. How do I do that? I have no clue!

Does that answer much about me or just cause more questions and confusion? Should I have just said that I love to cook, eat, sleep in and my Favorite colour is Burgundy??? I don't know.

I'm still sick, I feel worse today then the past few days. How come it hit me harder then the girls? Ivy only had fever and some coughing, Anna had a fever and diarrhea. Me, I feel achy all over, a phelmy cough, stuffed and runny nose, headache and just plain yuck!

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