Friday, February 22, 2008

Entry # 21

Finally it's Friday! I have nothing planned for the weekend, YaHoo!! I should blog about this week though before I start to forget details.

So we left Sunday for the Coast, we left earlier then I ever expected! I think it was 9:30am when we left the house, helps that Anna woke everyone up before 7am! Dropped the dog off at Gr.P's and said Hi and Bye! Stopped in to see S&K for 20 mins then drove up to Kelowna to drop off Ivy at my Mom's. My Bro Rob and his girlfriend were visiting there as well so we stayed for about a hour and then Mike, Anna and I hit the road again. Anna fussed for awhile when she realized we had left Ivy behind but she was fine after Mike had buckled her stuffed rabbit into Ivy seat. The Connector and the Coquihalla were clear so the drive was fast until we got around Langley, then it started to slow down and we were bumper to bumper as all those Vancouver people were returning home for the weekend. That's when Mike and I started to get a headache, we both can't stand city driving and Vancouver has to be the worst, all that Hurry up and wait. so anyway we got to the hotel with out any incidents and earlier then I expected!

Anna's first appointment at Children's Hospital was EEG at 10:30am Monday and because she has to sleep for awhile during the appointment we had to keep her up late and wake her around 6am, not fun!! the staying up late wasn't an issue, she was excited to be in a hotel room and she was bouncing on the beds and practically off the walls, waking early was hard but we did it...or should I say Anna and I did it, Mike slept till 8:30. The EEG went well, Anna cried while her head was being measured and marked and the electrodes pasted to her scalp but that was to be expected. It did not take her long to fall asleep when they wanted her to. All her brain waves and functions looked normal! Yaa!

After Lunch we saw Carol the Dietitian and that went well, no changes to her diet but I'm supposed to try and get Anna off the bottle. which I'm reluctant to do as Anna only has a bottle at bedtime and she drinks the most Soy Milk from the bottle, she is not fond of drinking it out of a cup. But we will try. We met the new Social Worker with the clinic, she's about my age and cute so that was weird but Mike liked her, hmmm, I wonder why......Then we saw the student Genetic Doc, he wasn't very friendly, very strait forward so Anna was nervous around him but he seemed alright. Then the student Doc gave his report to his teacher Dr.S and they both came back and She did a quick evaluation of Anna. Dr.S was happy with Anna's growth and development and said she was anxious to see what the next days appointments would yield. We also took Anna for her Blood work (the tech at children's was so fast at finding a vein compared to GF hospital) and then called it a day! We went back to the hotel and relaxed for awhile then walked along Broadway St and got some Sushi to go, it was delish, much better then the grocery store sushi!

Day 2 at Children's: 9am - Occupational Therapy. I was a bit nervous before this appointment because I really did not want to be surprised and find out that Anna was delayed mentally. Anna did quite well and did most of what she was told and did a few things that was not asked of her but the OT Lady said that was Ok, we left that meeting a bit confused. 10am - Audiology (ears) test. After first intros the lady just watched Anna play and sat in silence so Mike and I sat quietly too and just talked softly to Anna waiting for the lady to start, again we were confused. After 5 mins the lady said she was shocked with how much Anna says and she had to take those few mins just to listen and get over that shock. She thought it interesting how Anna forms her sentences, all her words are pronounced clearly but are said so fast that someone not used to her has a hard time understanding her. She then proceeded to tell us what the test would about and what they are looking for. We went into a sound proof booth and Anna's hearing was checked along with the range of frequency she can hear, I think that's all the same thing really. Then we went into another room to check if everything is working in the inner ear which it is! So she is right where she should be and shouldn't need checking again until sometime in school, Yaa!

Lunch and playing! then 1pm - Ophmalogy (eyes) test. The student Doc checked her eyesight by using black and white pictures on the far wall and Anna would point to the corresponding picture on a piece of paper in front of her. The pictures would get smaller and smaller on the wall just like for adults reading letters. Anna did so well, I thought she would freak out because she was getting tired but nope she chose the right picture each time, Yaa! Then the Doc checked her eyes for cataracts which is a problem for Glactosemics. Drops were put in Anna's eyes to dilate (had to wait 1/2 hour till dilation) them so he could chk behind her irises. No sigh of Cataracts, Yaa! 3pm - Physio Therapy. We had a coffee and play for awhile beween appointments and by this time Anna was exhausted and I was worried it would skew her results. Terry the PT guy said that he had heard good things from the OT lady earlier and that she ran out of things to test Anna with so after he finished his tests he would continue testing Anna for OT stuff, we were shocked by this as the lady never said that to us. Despite being tired Anna did wonderful, Yaa! She did all what was expected of her and then some, Terry kept saying how surprised and pleased he was. Afterwards Terry said that Anna is at the 3 year level for just about everything and she's only 2 years 2 months! Yaa!! Mike and I are ecstatic! We have been so worried about her development since she was first diagnosed and now a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders, I'm so proud of Anna!

After we left the hospital we went to visit my Bro Jamie but he was working so we visited with his girlfriend Lisa for about an hour. I'm going to be an Aunt!! They are due in August, and it was all Lisa could talk about but who could blame her! she's so happy and excited. I am happy for them but am a bit worried because she did have a few miscarries this past year. I'm hoping for the best, I can't wait for Jamie to be a Daddy! Then we drove as far as we could and we made to Hope at 10pm. We stayed the night at a hotel then drove to Kelowna Wednesday morning to get Ivy as per my previous post. And now we are all home. Thursday I had a physio appointment and got enough exercises so I don't have to go back for 2-3 weeks and today I had another cook club and Nobody's Perfect lecture 3rd of 6. I forgot to post that at last Friday's meeting I won the book so I can read into more detail about that stuff.

Whew, I'm so glad it's over. What a long week but it was worth it, specially to find out Anna is doing great (well I already knew this but wasn't positive!)

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