Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blog Post #15

It's shapeing up to be a good weekend: the Sun is shineing, snow is melting, I finally made the hotel Reservation for our trip to Vancouver (Childrens Hospital for Anna) Also this mouning we got a surprise package in the mail! My Momand Dad sent us Valantine pressents, we got a nice card and the girls got fairy costumes. They have been prancing around the house all morning. Thanks Momma!!

And we have made a plan for the coming week....well sort of.
I just want Mike to come home at Noon on Monday so we can go to Dr.DG's together and he won't say yes or no, he only says "we'll see". I sick and tired of relying on his family to drive me everywhere. Plus I want him to be at the Doc's with me so he can here things for himself, I end up forgeting to ask certain things or Mike doesn't inderstand what happened when I tell him about it later. I know he is worried about our cash flow but I'm only asking him to come home 4 hours early, geesh if it's that important I'll give him $100 from my personel account! well thats my gripeing for the day.

I just bought a laundry sorter the other day, mainly because everbody (Mike) is sick of all the laundry baskets stacked on the deep freeze. It fits nicely in the backroom across for the washer but when mike came in to inspect it he made the comment that now we can't have a cat because thats where the litter box I'm sad, I was thinking of getting a kitty later this year and that is the only spot in the house that a litter box would fit without offending anyone. But I'm sure things could be shuffled around in that room to accomidate everything, the steam cleaner could always go in the shed or the basement (when it's completed) I bet that basement will be full the first week it's finished! We have way too much stuff for this little old house!

Spring is Coming! I should get some plants started indoors. Maybe I'll try Tomatoes again, it has been 4 years since I've grown them.

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STELLA said...

The girls sure are cute in their fairy outfits... I remember when my girls would play dress up... they loved it... Hope your hand is heeling well... Hugs