Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Today started good but quickly turned into not so good.........

Woke up before 8am, and the girls didn't start the day off yelling. This put me in a good mood so I decieded to make us pancakes for breakfast and that went well too until the girls (more Anna then Ivy) thought that sitting at the table and screamming for pancakes would make them come faster....did not help at all! But that was fine, they were just hungry. As soon as a pancake was cooked I put it on their plates and they eat a fair bit and then went off to play. Aahh my turn to eat, so I eat at the computer while crusing the Parlor and was feeling good about life until I looked at the clock and saw that it was after 9am and I had to leave the house at 9:30 to attend my Changeways meeting, EEEKKK, we are all still in our PJ's! Of course Ivy had to be defient and not want to get dressed, then she didn't want help, then she did want help and screammed and cryed till I finnished getting Anna changed, that gave me a headache. So we all got dreassed and hair done (more screamming and crying) and out the door at 9:30, not bad! But then they didn't want to sit in their carseats, then they wanted to do the buckles then when they couldn't to the straps they cried till I did it....probably didn't help that I was angry by then and saying hurry up, hurry up! The windows were iced and snowy, I scrapped most I could but ended up just running the fluid and wipers till I could see.

So we were on the road, Yah, finally. Usually when we drive in the mornings the girls and I sing 'Mr. Sun' but this moring all they did was fuss and fight. I could not handle it! I think I'm PMS'ing, so instead of yelling at them to behave i just cranked up the music and started singing at the top of my lungs, less then 1 song later the girls were quiet and nodding their head in time to the music, thank goodness they like heavy metal! So we get to Gramma P's and practically threw the girls into the house and ran, well not quite but it only but it did take less then 5 mins to get back on the road. And as soon as I finnised backing out of her driveway and turned onto the road I saw that the brand new rock chip in my windshield (got yesterday) has decieded to spead out, right below my eyeline on the drivers side. Boy did I say some choice words, I'm still muttering about it. The music was cranked once more and I rushed to the meeting with no time to spare (I hate being late) and luckily I was not the last to arrive. The meeting went well but I'm not sure if I really understood what it was all about, I'll have to reread to the material later. I'm gonna miss next weeks meeting because of our trip to Vancouver but I do have the reading material for that week.

Back to Grandma house I go, and they only saved me one bowl of stew, that didn't make me very happy but or well, beggers can't be choosey. Frank ticked me off a bit at lunch time, I was trying to get Anna to eat her stew and was giving her a noodle and was saying "come on, do you want a noodle?" and he said "MACARONI" so I ignored him and asked Anna again " don't you like noodles?" and again he says "MACARONI, it is called Macaroni!" So I said nicely and bitterly "Anna doesn't care what it is called, all pasta is called noodles to her" I so wanted to yell at him to shut up! Geesh he's 53 not 3! Does it really matter, NO! Because of my mood, I needed to get out of there but Ivy didn't want to go, more argueing and fighting, another headache....and we finally leave, to comehome to more argueing.

I tried to ignor them and hide on the computer for awhile and it seemed to work but it made me feel guilty. So I decieded to do their Valentine cards for all their friends at playgroup. The first 3 went well they loved scribbling their names and putting candy hearts in the envelopes bu then it became a chore and they only wanted to eat the hearts and after they eat about 10 each they started to get hyper...Not Good. We had to continue, I didn't want to leave out anyone, so then by the end I just wanted to scream and send them off to bed....I know it's not their fault, I'm the one who is hormonal with a very short temper right now. So I turned on the TV and that quieted them down and I ran to the computer and am hiding once again. No guilt this time. Luckily Gr.P sent home leftovers so I won't have to cook tonight but I think I'll make a salad for the side so we can get more veggies today. Hopefully tonight will be calmer but I have a feeling I won't be calm till everyone is in bed sleeping.

Tomorrow we are going to Playgroup in MDY so Ivy can meet the kindergarden Teacher, we are both excited and nervous. I have a feeling that Ivy is expecting to go to school full time after this visit, hopefully she won't be too disappointed. The Fall is coming way too fast for me! My baby, Waaa!!

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STELLA said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, I am always reminded of the girls when they were the age of your two girls... Thanks for all the memories you make me think of, I look forward to reading your words...