Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog Entry#16

Wow, 16 posts. I never thought I'd keep this blog going for so long, usually I give things up after a month or less. Well thats not totally true, It's been almost 4 years and I still cross-stitch, And I still like to quilt but can't seem to find the space or time to do it. Same with friends, I tend not to keep a relationship going for very long but I do have a few friends that I keep in contact even after they moved away but I should admit that they usually contact me first via phone and e-mail. I really wish I could make and keep friends but it doen't come easy for me, it's like I'm not hard wired for it. I struggle with what is right and polite, how much detail to tell and what to ask the person. I suppose it didn't help that while growing up my Mom didn't seem to have any friends, maybe 1 that came for coffee twice a year.

Speaking of friends (most like why I was thinking or friendships), My dear friend Marilyn came for a visit from Spokane. It's good to hear she is doing so well, and she has a beau! Yaa! Ivy really wanted her granddaughter Stacy to come too but she had to stay home and go to school. We Traced the girls outlines onto butcher paper so Marilynn could show Stacey how much Ivy and Anna grew. The girls loved it!

I also saw Dr. DG yesterday, The drive over the pass was a bit nerve wracking but we made it safe and right on time. Why does it have to snow everytime I have a Doctors appointment? At least this time we (Mike and both Girls came with) only had to wait 5-10 mins to see Dr.DG, He removed the top layer of the skin graft and the scab that was on the flap graft. At first it is was oosy and I was a bit worried so I layed down while he finished But once everything was pulled off and wiped clean it looked really good! The skin graft is nice and pink and looks normal and the flap isn't as thick as before, actually my whole finger isn't as thick as it was last week, most of the swelling is out now! There was a bit of bleeding aroung the edges so Dr put on some gauze and I can remove it in 2 days and then I can get it wet! yaa, It's been 2 months since I've been able to wash and soak it.

Today I went to physio, Tom is happy that Dr.DG gave the go ahead to really start working my hand. Now that I'm allowed to get my hand wet he wants me to do Contrast Baths: 5-6 times of 50 secs in Hot water then 10 seconds in Ice water, 2 times a day. I'm not looking forward to the ice water part...maybe I should just stick my hand in a snow bank. I can already see improvement in my hand but I'm anxious to get all my fingers working normal, just my index and thumb seem normal, the other three need lots of work. Pinky and ring need to overcome the damage and the middle needs to actually work, it's stiff and weak from being useless for over a month.

....I'm getting there, it just will take time and patience which I've never been good at....

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Sounds like you had a busy day! Thanks for commenting my blog.