Friday, February 29, 2008

Post #24

FRIDAY! This week took forever to be over, my cold in finally on it's way out!

The last session of Changeways group was on Wednesday but I didn't go due to my being sick, kinda bummed about that. Because I missed it, MdW wants to meet for one on one councilling, which I know I need but it is just another thing to work into an already busy schedule. I like doing my (me and girls) own thing when I feel like it. And I hate trying to find babysitters. It was so much easier when my Mom lived in town, I know I can trust her, I don't know if I can trust my neighbours....I know they are good people but this is my flesh and blood I'm trusting them with. And with Anna's Diet it's even harder...Do they really understand what not to give her! Yikes, I'm getting off track, see why I need councilling!

Now my head is starting to hurt, I'm call this post done....There is always tomorrow

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STELLA said...

Hope your head gets to feeling better, and glad the cold is on it's way out...You sound a little like me, I never intrusted my daughters to anyone but family either... Good for you! If ever you want, you can post to me at