Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blog Post #11

Ah, a beautiful Sunday morn, clear blue sky, no new snow, sun peaking over the mountains, girls are happily munching away on Cap'n'Crunch cereal watching cartoons....A nice morn to sleep in with hubby! (I know my Mom and younger (teen) siblings read this blog so I won't go into too much details) On a morning like this hubby and I like to "snuggle" in bed and this morn in the middle of "snuggling" My In-Laws barge into my house and surprised us, even the dog was surprised! So everyone was embaressed and no one made eye contact, the girls had no idea what was happening. Geesh, I feel like a teenager again! This is MY house, We are Adults! Hopfully they will learn to call before visiting or at least Knock!

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