Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Post #12

Today is the begining of another busy week, yesterday (Monday) was my only day home. Today we are off to playgroup, in less then an hour and I still haven't dressed the girls, then we'll leave that early and head for GF with K for my physio app. Then we'll do some shopping and come home to make dinner....if I'm smart I'll find something at the store for dinner.

I always have random thoughts floating in my head, this morning while thinking about my garden I couldn't help but wonder why farmers are usually poor and movie/sport stars are rich. Everyone in the world has to eat and farmers provide that but the farmers make diddle squat for money. Actors and althelete's jobs are not nessasary, they benefit from our want of pleasure and the profit greatly from it.....this is all wrong.

The blog spell checker doesn't work anymore...why? I'm such a horrible speller, the english language sucks, or at least how it is comprised of all different languges makes it suck. And then British english, American english and Canadian english etc. is not the same but we all insist in calling it english. It's all too confusing. I think I like the Hungarian way of writeing, everything is writen like its sounds like and everything is pronouced how it looks. Easy!

Ok, now I'm done stalling and am off to dress the girls and offically get this day started....plus Anna is screaming at me that she wants more pepperoni, she didn't like her breakfast this morn, Cap'n'Crunch is not very good with Soy milk, Yuck!


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