Sunday, March 2, 2008

Post # 26~Day trip

Saturday was such a nice day that I just had to get out of this house so I dragged everyone down to Osoyoos for the day. We went out for lunch at DQ, browsed the magazine shop, bought some seeds and peet pellets and Home Hardware, shopped at the dollar store for Easter stuff, I bought a new purse at Fields, we looked around the furniture store for a new dishwasher and bunk beds, and then did some grocery shopping. I had fun! Mike and the girls...not so much, they ended up staying in the van while I was in the dollar store and grocery store. On the way home, I thought that the day was strange, I usually hate shopping exspecially if I do it by myself, not that day though, I could have kept going but the others were getting grumpy.

Here are some recent pictures of the girls.

Anna is dressed is the hat and poncho that Nana made for her last Christmas, it's too small but she still loves to wear it. And that is ivy's Cabbage Patch doll that she is lovin even thou she has two of her own. Soon after this pic was taken Ivy claimed the doll and a fight broke out but it was short lived, Anna soon found another doll to play with.

Ivy is showing off a cup of marbles and a cup of rocks that belong to her dad, they are supposed to be for his sling shot but I think she has convinced him that she'd be better off playing with them. lol, I wonder if he'll hide them when she's not looking, he doesn't have the nerve to take them away while she watches.

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