Monday, March 17, 2008

Post #31~Weekend

It's St. Patrick's day and I have no green to wear, Oh well, pinches don't hurt too much. I tried to get Ivy to wear something green or to make something out of green construction paper but she blew up at me. "I do it my way" seems to be the only response I get from her these days.

We came home from playgroup on Friday to find my in-laws waiting for us. S had to go to the docs so they came early to visit but we weren't home. Just another reason why they should call first. Ivy went home with them and spent the night (Friday) then we dropped off Anna there as well on our way to Kelowna Saturday morn. We ended up driving to Vernon so Mike could visit some "guy" stores then back to Kelowna for more "guy" stores and the book store. Then we saw 10,000BC at the theater, it was fairly cool, great special FX but poor science which made Mike go on and on and on about the movie's faults. The movie is worth seeing but just don't believe it was the truth. After the movie we did our shopping and by the time that was done it was almost 10pm, yikes! We made a quick call to the in-laws and told them we were on our way. When we finally got to their house everyone but K was sleeping, she told us to go home and pick the girls up the next day. After midnight by the time we came home.

Sunday morning without kids was awesome, slept in till 10am. It was so nice to be able to wake up on my own, not to be startled awake by arguing or overly happy girls. Mike had to fix his mom's computer (he was working on it since Friday) so we were late getting out the door to pick up the girls, it was after lunch by the time we got back over there. Anna was extremely grumpy from not sleeping well and Ivy's stuffy nose seems to getting worse. Mike got to shoot off a few rounds from his new black powder rifle (the kind of gun you pour in the gun powder then slide a lead ball in then tap it all gentle and piece of flint is used to set it off) Lots of smoke and the smell is unbelievable, yucky sulfur, stinky egg smell. Mike did manage to hit the target every time despite what he was expecting, which made me proud.

The sunflowers the girls and I planted last week are about 3-5 inches high right now, not sure what to do with them though... still too early to put outside, I don't really want to transfer them into large pots since they are just going right out side in a few weeks.... maybe I'll try to plant a few outside, if they do freeze I'll just plant more, sunflowers are cheap and common enough. I'm still shocked how fast the sunflowers germinated, excellent for the girls to plant cuz the results are fast.

I'm going to try to put Anna down for a nap, she is starting to get grumpy and pick fights with me and Ivy.

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have a day/night alone sometimes... glad you got one... Love the Stella Jays, fed them some fruit yesterday, they ate everything except for the pineapple... Have a wonderful day/week... Hope you and yours the best always...