Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Post #34 ~ Quilting Again

This week seems to be going alright, not much really happened, not much to complain about hahaha. I survived Easter dinner on Saturday, everyone seems to enjoy the food and company. Cleaning up was a breeze and it was nice not to have to travel home afterward (big bonus for being the hostess) I just might host another sit down meal in the future!

I've been taking my meds for 6 days now and I haven't had much side effects, a little tired the first day (1/2 pill) and yesterday I had a headache (first day of whole pill) today seems to OK. I'm not sure if its from the anti-depressant or just spring in the air but I had enough motivation to clear off my sewing desk and hook up my sewing machine yesterday. I haven't sewed for fun for about 3 that long, Ivy was still a baby.....yikes.

Ivy was looking through some quilting mags with me and she liked the little quilts for dolls so we decided to make one today. I thought she would loose interest fast but she didn't, every time I took a break or got distracted she would call me back and told me to keep going. Now, how do I get her that interested in cleaning up after herself! :P Ivy chose all the fabric, and matched all the patches and helped me arrange it and picked out the buttons and thread, so even though I did all the sewing and ironing it is truly her quilt! Anna wants to do one now but that will have to wait for tomorrow

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