Monday, March 31, 2008

Post 35~Anna's Lump

Anna has a lump on her left love handle. It's about the size of a golf ball and is squishy like a water balloon. I first noticed it last Tuesday (Mar 25)and being that it was spring break and our Doc was on vacation, I called the health Nurse Julie. she asked me a whole bunch of Q's: Is she pooping and peeing fine? (yes) is it bruised, has she fallen recently?(no) does it hurt, is she feverish? (no) etc. etc. Julie didn't know what to make of it, she said that if it changed or if Anna gets a fever to go to the hospital and if nothing happens wait till doc gets back and take her in.

Well that was all good until Thursday night when she got a 102* F fever, I gave her Tylenol and it came back down to normal but the next morn it was around 100*F again. I called Julie again and she told me to rush Anna to the ER and if they try to send us away (cuz GF hospital is getting useless) then we were to call her back and she'd raise holy hell! Thankfully the docs at the ER were concerned enough to run a bunch of tests. A urine sample was taken along with blood work and an ultrasound was also performed. The blood work showed no sign of infection and the ultrasound showed that the lump was most likely a fatty deposit but to be on the safe side the results were being sent to a Radiologist to make sure it's not a tumour or something. So that is a huge weight lifted off our minds. If the Radiologist has any concerns then a biopsy might be performed but the docs are pretty sure its just a fatty lump.

While we were at the hospital with Anna, Ivy was staying with the neighbour Donna. They had a great time and walked to the Anaconda Cafe for lunch (1.5 km away) Friday eve and Saturday morn Ivy complained that her right leg/thigh hurt, we just though it was from too much walking. Sat eve she was fine, Sunday morn we went to K&S's and she was fine. Sunday eve, her legs started to hurt again, and this morning she can hardly walk without screaming in pain. I'm at a loss of what to do! I've made a Doctors appointment for this afternoon but I don't think she can do much for Ivy. I really hope her pains will go away soon cuz she's supposed to start gymnastics this Thursday and I'd hate for her to loose this opportunity.

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