Sunday, March 9, 2008

Post #27 ~ week review

Yikes, I didn't realize I hadn't blogged for a week, my adoring fans must be restless and sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for my awe inspiring words....ya right!

I'm not sure if I can remember all what I did this week but I will try. On Monday it snowed 4 inches during the night so I went out and shovelled (first time since my hand injury, not fun) our walks and my neighbours, she was off taking her brother to the airport in Spokane. Mikey's asthma has been pretty bad this winter, so his daughter wants him to stay at her house in MEXICO!! for 3 months. I'm jealous but not too much :) I wonder if when I'm old if my daughters will be that nice, When they are adults I'll have to push them into buy somewhere tropical...maybe on the Mediterranean sea.....
Anyhow, back to real life, Monday night Mike, the girls and I took our new neighbours (Rebbecca and her girls) to the family center in GF for a talk/meeting about preschoolers and sex education. We (the 3 adults) didn't really learn anything but it was good to get out and see other parents who have the same issues as we do, what to call the private regions, how to talk to kids about how babies are made, teach them how to protect themselves from sexual predators etc. etc. I don't think my parents ever talked to me about that stuff, and Mike says that neither did his parents. It's pretty scary how our world is changing, even in the last 10-30 years.

Mike broke his machine on Monday so he was home Tuesday and Wednesday waiting for parts. Tuesday the girls and I went to playgroup, fun. Wednesday we went to the Library for story time, Mike came too !!! That made me happy! then after lunch we all played out side, it was nice and warm. I tried to take pictures of the birds at my bird feeder, my camera is too slow to take a good pic but I got some. Topia, who lives behind us, heard us outside so she brought her 1 year old daughter over to play. Ivy loved showing off and was quite hyper which made me upset but I couldn't do anything about it, just her nature I guess. We had a talk later after Topia went home: please be nicer, don't jump up so much, don't scream, don't put toys/things in someones face etc.etc. If I had known we were going to have a visitor I would have told Ivy all this beforehand....or am I expecting too much from her?

Thursday afternoon was playgroup, actually it was Alphabet soup and H.O.P, play that is based around healthy food choices and activities. we made mini pizzas using english muffins, poor Anna could only have the muffin, no toppings but she didn't like the toppings she could eat anyway. The choices were red peppers, mushrooms and pineapple, Anna hates all and Ivy only likes mushrooms, so whats a mom to do? Friday we stayed home, made a rib roast and pop overs which didn't pop. Had a big fight with mike that night, I almost left with the girls but I didn't want to drive while emotional. Gave him the silent treatment all night and next morning, then we had it out again, yelling. Then lots of tears later we resolved it, mostly caused by stress and frustration, uncertainty of work and money coming in. I really hate fighting with the girls around but we all sat down and talked about it as a family afterward, told them we still love each other and we aren't mad at them, Ivy told us how she felt and told us not to be so loud next time, Anna just gave us big hugs said "love you mom, love you daddy". *sniff* I'm gonna start crying again.

Today is Sunday and it didn't start off very well. Stupid time change, I don't understand why we still need it. I heard the girls talking first thing then Ivy ran out of the room slammed the door and yelled at Anna "I have to go potty" then I heard "Uh, Oh....Mommmy..." A Mother's most hated 3 little words. She peed all over the bathroom floor and doorway, I don't even think she tried to stop it or sit on the toilet. So I threw her int he tub for a bath and mopped up everything, in the middle of cleaning Anna started to get to undress herself so she could join her sis. When it comes to a bath Anna will take off her clothes but any other time she will act dumb and make me fight her to take off anything, KIDS! Arrggg.

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