Saturday, March 22, 2008

Post #33~Easter Dinner

Looking back through some of my most recent post I realized I had forgot to blog about the Easter dinner I am putting on tonight. A few weeks ago while talking about this upcoming holiday Mike said that we should host the dinner....we meaning me....but I agreed and asked K if it was alright, she asked Gr.P and she said sure. So in addition to my family of 4 there will be: S and K, Gr.P and Uncle F, Bro-in-law B and maybe his date. Yikes thats 10 people, I think this is the biggest sit down dinner I've done (the girls B-day parties have been casual smorg style).

At least the meal is simple, Traditional Hungarian fare: smoked ham with sausage and whole eggs all boiled together....and that is usually it if the other ladies were making it. But since I am cooking it this year I am making some scalloped potatoes and a green salad to accompany all that protein. Gr.P is not very impressed, she says its tradition to have no veggies but I don't care this is my house and I'm starting my own traditions. Yaa Me!! I'm being assertive!

K is helping out by bringing homemade bread and lemon pie and I think Gr.P is bringing some Easter buns and Jello. So it will be simple but filling and thats how we like it! Anna is grumpy so I shall try to calm her down then start the dinner.

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